Wild Roses

Wild Roses
Wild Roses

Hey Art Friends,  Have you made time to stop and smell the roses lately?  This watercolor was inspired by one of my David Austin roses, ‘Golden Celebration.”  I’m one who would rather get a bare root rose bush in the mail for Valentine’s Day than roses from the florist.  ‘Golden Celebration’ is one of those lovely, old fashioned roses with a droopy form.  The giant blooms are perfumed with a heavenly citrus scent, which floats across the whole garden area.  Mother Nature certainly is the ultimate artist, isn’t she?  I titled this one Wild Roses because I sure came up with some wild purples when I mixed my own.  Lately, I’m challenging myself to work with a more limited palette while learning to mix more of my own colors such as “Wild Rose Purple.” 😉  Do you have a favorite rose, or a favorite wild color you’ve mixed in your artistic creations?  If you do, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section.

Until next time, let’s keep on shining and decorating the world.

Prints available here at my Etsy shop:  bethbentonart


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